Simply put, a “best practice” is a technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has proven to reliably lead to a desired result. For the 2009 pilot year of the HSBC Holdings plc sponsorship of JA More than Money®, a key objective was to identify best practices for sharing with JA Member Offices and educators around the world. It was a commitment to accumulating and applying all the program implementation knowledge possible – lessons learned, feedback and analysis – to ensure success.

JA believes that best practices can come from whole processes or steps within a process, a method of doing one particular task or an approach to a larger task or project. In the context of JA More than Money, a best practice may address materials, procedures or working with people.

For this project, the process used to select and share best practices has been refined. Junior Achievement believes there are fully qualified best practices that meet a stringent set of criteria to earn that designation – and then there are some good ideas that merit sharing, but may not fit the best practice definition. Both are addressed in this listing, under the title of “Best Practices” and the title of “Best Ideas,” respectively.

For more about the JA More than Money program and how the best practices/best ideas information was collected for this site, review the sections below:

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